Converse Premium Labs

Our Boys...

Boomer comes from Bardstown, Kentucky and is from 5 generations of “whites” (Yellows). He, like all our dogs have been DNA tested and has no genetic negative traits. This OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified “gentle giant” has a very easy-going personality, is a loving and affectionate dog with a passion to run, play and be with his human family members! "Boom" is an awesome dog who is an extremely sought after sire of our CPL family. For many of our CPL families and guest is their favorite when they get to see him!






Hank is our original stud. Words can't even begin to describe what kind of dog Hank is. Hank is the ultimate pet, companion, hunter, child's play-thing... in many ways the perfect dog. Hank has been diving into icy waters out of a duck blind in the morning and then later that evening be in the middle of the great room floor dressed up in my granddaughter's dress up clothes. Hank is a professional duck dog who has guided duck hunting trips in Ohio, Kentucky and Arkansas. Hank has guided duck hunts with clients from all over the country including CMT Superstars to guiding hunts for the Outdoor Channel.

(Photo was a finalist photo was in the November 2021 Delta Water Foul Magazine)






CPL's Jamey's Sig. Sig is the son of Ginger and Hank and he will bring the continued legacy of two of the most sought after dogs in the CPL crew with Ginger and Hank. Sig lives with our son Jamey in Auburn, Alabama and will be used to provide many future CPL families with some fantastic puppies! He comes from CPL's most sought after parents and is developing into the type of dog CPL has come to expect from the line of Hank and Ginger!





CPL's Bryant IN Tobias "Tobi" is the latest addition to the CPL crew. Tobi is a pure bread English Labrador Retriever that come from multiple generations of AKC & UKC pedigrees. Simply...He is amazing! His laid back personality, but insatiable drive is truly unique. He is extremely intelligent and driven to please. He has been one of the most eager learner and is extremely trainable. In short...He is a good one! He has brought a dimension to Converse Premium Labs that we have not be able to offer to our CPL families since we began in 2016. Puppies fathered by this guy will be very special and will be in much demand!