Converse Premium Labs

Our Girls...

Dixie is the matriarch of the Converse Premium Lab family. She became a Converse in August of 2016 coming from a breeder in Adams County, Ohio. She is the optimum companion and a “once in a lifetime” dog. Dixie has been retired since 2021 but prior to her retirement she gave birth to litters of our most sought-after puppies we have made available. She is now plays the role of “mother” to our puppies when the bio-mothers have "pushed them away."







Darla became a Converse a month after the arrival of Dixie in September 2016. Darla came from a breeder from the Northern Indianapolis, IN area. She is the “Alpha” of all the CPL family of dogs. Darla has birthed all “blacks” throughout her breeding history and her pups are arguably the “best of the best!”  Her litter that was birthed in December of 2022 was her last and she will be retired March of 2023. Her legacy will be continued through her daughter Shay but she and her puppies will never be equaled!





In July of 2018 CPL’s Princess Ginger came from Shelbyville, KY to enhance the Converse Premium Labs family. She is an incredible dog. Ginger has it all…beauty, compassion, intelligence, loves children, gentle…She births all three colors of blacks, chocolates and yellows and has added so much joy to so many families to this point of her life. Since Ginger began to have puppies her puppies have been sold out prior to the puppies birth when the announcement is made public that she is expecting.





JOSIE comes from the Northern Atlanta, Georgia area and is the daughter and grand daughter of World Champion "Dock Jumpers!" She is one of the most affectionate dogs you will ever meet. She is extremely intelligent and has the drive of her family tree. She has been described as having  the "it" factor that is in most cases a once in a generation dog. CPL is extremely blessed to have Josie in out family and we are blessed to be able to offer her puppies to families that will experience what having a loving and championship bloodline is all about!





Shelby is the 2nd generation of Converse Premium Lab dogs as she is the daughter of Ginger and Hank. She is going to bring a dimension to the CPL that we have not been able to offer as she carries all of the most desired characteristics of two of the CPL's most requested dogs in her DNA. She has it all...intelligence, agility, compassion and the intangible drive that the CPL dogs carry. Shelby has the "IT" factor!






Shay is the 2nd of the 2nd generation of dogs from the Converse Premium Lab family. Shay will continue the legacy of her mother Darla. Her father Boomer will add genetic traits that will be unmatched by any of the CPL dogs. She is going to be a great dog! She has the most physical agility of any of the CPL dogs with the "springs" of Boomer and the strength of Darla...yeah...she is going to be a great one!







Yuki is the newest addition to the CPL family. She comes from 5 generations of "white" labs from a breeder in Blacksburg, VA. She is going to be an incredible dog. She will allow CPL to offer some of the most unique "white" labs when she becomes able to birth puppies in the Spring of 2024 and is bred with Boomer! She has one of the most lovable personalities of all of the CPL dogs and is the perfect compliment to the CPL family!