Converse Premium Labs

2024 Litter Information

We are anticipating 2 litters in 2024. We plan to breed Shelby (our black) with Tobi (black) Her puppies should be 1/2 black with the other half divided of yellow and chocolate. Yuki (our white) will be bred with Boomer (our white) and we are expecting all whites.  All our puppies will have a really great balance of both English and American characteristics.


Shelby & Tobi's Litter - Deposits: Sold Out

Yuki & Boomer's Litter - Deposits: 1 (7 Deposits Available)

(As of 5/9/24)

We are currently taking deposits for people to get on our waiting lists. Shelby and Tobi's puppies are $1500.00.  Yuki and Boomer’s puppies are $2000.00. The deposit for all litters is $350.00 which goes towards the balance of your puppy. For our online transactions we prefer Venmo ( as there is no service charge IF you "friend" us. We take major credit/debit cards with the client paying all service charges. Cash and checks are accepted.

Shelby and Yuki should come into heat sometime in July or August making their puppies going to their forever homes in the late Fall. Of course there are certain things we simply can’t control. Please monitor this webpage as well as our Facebook page for updates as they happen.

We understand that buying a quality bred puppy is expensive and that there are many scams and hustlers out there in dealing with online puppy sales. We have been honored on several occasions to help people secure their wonderful puppy through us who have been hurt by these “individuals.” We have designed our family-oriented breeding program to ensure the finest quality dogs in the most professional, loving, and caring breeding service as possible are afforded to our CPL families. We feel that our policies designed with the “normal” person in mind and feel that they enhance both our CPL Families and our livelihood. Our deposit policy is as follows: one's puppy is secured through their $350 deposit, and they are placed on our “Wait List.”. At the time of the deposit, we request the client’s information (name, address, phone# and email address), the litter they are interested in, and their color and gender preference of the puppy they wish to purchase. A client selects their puppy(ies) in the order in which we receive their deposits. At this point they can choose whatever puppy is available at the time of their slot. If the dam doesn't drop the desired puppy, then the client has the option of taking any available puppies from the current litter or any other litter that CPL may currently have, or a future CPL litter, they can roll their deposit to a future litter, or we will refund their deposit. CPL will NOT REFUND THE DEPOSIT if the client has an option for a puppy and simply refuses to take the puppy.

If we can answer and additional questions you may have, please call us at 513-616-2703 as we will be honored to speak with you!