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Older Dogs...

One of the most difficult aspects of a breeder who treats their dogs as family members is to come to grips with the "business side" of breeding. In order for CPL to continue to bless our future CPL families is to have the availability of quality puppies. In breeding it is inevitable that there will be a breeding timeline and with the ages of our dogs we know that at some point they will be retired.  We have spent many hours in prayer for direction of our lives, which includes our CPL family breeding service.  Part of this aspect of our lives is to pray for direction for the best lives for our dogs.

When our dogs are of the age to be retired we will consider making them available to a family who desires to have a "completed" dog to bring into their home.  For many people this type of dog is much desired as they do not have to go through the "puppy stage" which is more applicable to their situation.  If you are looking for a dog like this, please reach out to us and we will update you on the availability of our older dogs. The re-homing fee for our retired dogs will be subject the particular situation of each dog and will be determined at the time of the re-homing process. If you are interested in one of our older dogs please contact us at 513-616-2703.

If you are interested in one of our older dogs when they become available

please contact us at 513-616-2703 or EMAIL us.