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Red Barn Kennel 


CPL's Red Barn Kennel is a family owned and operated dog kennel that provides high quality, professional and personal care for dogs of all breeds without the high volume, industrialized form of dog boarding that is the norm.

The CPL's Red Barn Kennel houses it's clients in a renovated horse barn that is climate controlled and provides a clean and safe environment for your dog. The kennel is located within 30 yards of our home and we are on location full time.

CPL's Red Barn Kennel has large kennels that allows it's boarders to have roaming space and they are not kept in a small, industrial cages. There is an outdoor and an acre play area that is fenced in so that the dogs who our guests have plenty of room to run and play. There is an indoor "patio" area where the dogs can exercise and play in the event of bad weather so they will always have multiple hours of time out of their spacious kennel.

The owners of CPL's Red Barn Kennel Gina and Bryan Converse are on location full time and provide individual care and supervision of your dog while they enjoying their time here at CPL's Red Barn Kennel.

CPL's Red Barn Kennel limits is number of dogs that it boards to no more then 15 dogs at a time to ensure that each dogs is given the personal care while you are out of town.

CPL's Red Barn Kennel has grown as a result of the repeat families and the positive experiences that these families have had. CPL's Red Barn Kennel sells out over most major holidays as well as most long weekends.



$35.00 per night

(Discounted per night price for multiple dogs from the same family) 


$25.00 per day

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CPL's Red Barn Kennel is Bonded and Insured by Pet Sitters for our client's peace of mind.