Converse Premium Labs


We currently do not have any available puppies.

We are expecting our next litter(s) to be in the late Spring, early Summer 2024!

A "Waiting List" is open for our next litter!

We are anticipating a litter of puppies to arrive on/around July 6-7, 2024. This litter will be with Ginger and Tobi.

Over the years the puppies from Ginger's puppies have been some of our most sought-after puppies. This expectant litter will be a litter of half yellows and then an equal amount of black and chocolate. Ginger is DNA cleared and OFA certified. Tobi is DNA cleared and he comes from parents who are DNA cleared and OFA certified. He will have his OFA Pre-certification exam in June, 2024. The puppies from this anticipated litter will be $1500. ($350 deposit) Depending upon how Ginger recovers, this could be one of her last litters. Please follow us on Facebook to get real-time updates regarding this litter and all of the information that you will find helpful regarding Converse Premium Labs.

Shelby (the daughter of Ginger and Hank) should come into heat the first week of June, 2024. She is intended to also be bred with Tobi. Per the DNA she also will be birthing a litter of blacks, chocolates and yellows with half expected to be black with the rest of the puppies being choclate and yellows.

Yuki (our white) will be bred with Boomer (our white) and we are expecting all whites. The puppies from Yuki and Boomer will have English characteristics. Shelby (our black - American) will be bred with Tobi (our black - English) and these puppies should be 1/2 black with the other half divided of yellow and chocolate. All of these puppies will have a really great balance of both English and American characteristics and have very gentle temperaments.


To secure your puppy or to obtain additional information please call/text us at 513-616-2703 or EMAIL us.


Over the years, we have developed our breeding program to first of all honors God and, secondly, we include each family/individual in the growth and development of their puppy. We do our very best to make our whole process informative and interactive for each individual/family. We want each person to feel that he/she is a part of the process—to enjoy seeing the litter develop and grow through weekly communication as well as weekly video updates once their puppy is born.  It is truly a miracle to watch the extreme social, mental, and physical development that occurs over the 8 weeks we have these puppies in our care, and we desire that our adoptive families observe this miraculous journey right along with us!

We involve our CPL families during the entire process, not only once their puppy is born but throughout the life of their puppy/dog .  If you would like to know more details regarding this process, feel free to contact us.

At six to seven weeks of age, we invite families to come and interact with the litter. During "Selection Weeked" we provide helpful information on personalities, activity levels, and other observations we have made over the prior weeks. Families meet the sire and dam and get a first-hand look at what we do and how we do it. We do our best to equip each individual/family with accurate information to assist them in making that all-important decision.

At eight weeks of age ("Go Home Day"), we say goodbye to these little ones and watch each family leave our home, with their puppy, to begin a new four-legged chapter . While we are no longer involved in the day-to-day life of these puppies, we are available throughout the lifetime of your puppy/dog. It is such a blessing to get an update and see the extreme joy these wonderful dogs bring to people's lives!

For additional information on how YOU can bring home one of our incredible puppies click HERE!